Four Things To Maintain on Your Car

Four Things To Maintain on Your Car

For many of us, our cars are what enable us to live. They allow us to make the office commute, haul things to job sites, and to go almost anywhere there’s a road (and even places where there aren’t any roads!)

Show your car some love every now and again, and it’ll love you back for years to come. Costa Oil - 10 Minute Oil Change has seen thousands of vehicles at our Mississippi location, and here are our top four things you should maintain on your vehicle, so you’ll see fewer tow trucks and more open roads.

Mechanic pouring oil into an engine


Engines have a high number of parts all moving at various speeds, all of which generate friction, which in turn generates heat. Motor oil is used to lubricate the engine to prevent heat build-up that could ultimately crack your engine block. If you’re in need of an oil change, or it has been at least six months since your last one, come in today!

Car air filter

Air Filter

Because engines work on a combustion model, there needs to be oxygen involved in the mix for your engine to work. A clean and well-maintained air filter provides your cabin with clean air, as well as your engine. Dirty or clogged air filters can inhibit airflow and prevent your engine from combusting, which in turn means you have a busted engine!

Mechanic checking tire pressure

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is a major contributing factor to fuel economy. Tires that are deflated below factory recommendations won’t get the same gas mileage, and could even present a safety hazard! Overinflated tires, on the other hand, pose a puncture risk! Keep your tires perfectly inflated at times with Costa Oil - 10-Minute Oil Change.

Mechanic refilling steering fluid

Fluid Level Top Off

Your vehicle likely has a number of fluids coursing through its lines and hoses, from power steering to brake fluid. Whenever you bring your vehicle in for an inspection or an oil change from Costa Oil - 10 Minute Oil Change, ask about topping off your car’s fluids so you can stay safe on the road!

Cars can be a lot of work, but they are rewarding to own! If your car is in need of inspection, maintenance, or any other kind of work, get a free quote from Costa Oil - 10 Minute Oil Change today, and learn how we can get you back on the roads of Mississippi!

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